-What in my pack? –

-Specifically this is what is always in the bottom of my pack. I train incessantly on how to implement these items and hope to never use them. – –
-Here’s the gear list and their uses. –

1. First Aid Kit ⛑ To see a complete list of my contents click here!

2. Guide Tarp. To see how I use this for shelter, patient movement and packaging scroll through some previous posts. –

3. Ultra Lightweight inflatable mattress. This is for insulation between me and the ground in the event of a unplanned bivi. I can also use it for patient packaging. –

4. Repair Kit. This consists of a Multi-tool, bailing wire, zip ties skin tail clips and some duck tape. –
5. Wax Kit. @faststik rub on wax, scotch bright pad and skin glob wax. –

6. Phone charger and cable. –

7. InReach Satellite Communication. –

8. Global Rescue insurance. –

-These items are always with me. With the proper training and experience these items cover your back, your partners and other backcountry users in the event of an emergency. –

-What items do you carry that contribute to your backcountry community? –