Prep work for the tarp overlay

-Have you practiced your unplanned night out?-

-Earlier this week I mentioned that my most bestowed item is my guide tarp. And showed it’s versatility being used as a stretcher during a rescue. –

-One of it’s other uses is as a shelter. The Tarp Ski Trench is my preferred shelter in the winter as it’s light (14oz), quiet in the wind and relatively quick to set up.-

-This is also my planned bivi in the event of an unplanned night out. Meaning, I’ve practiced my emergency overnight many times. 

-A mentor of mine brought it to my attention years ago that training on improvised bivi skills was as important as training my cardiovascular system. A fit heart makes walking up that hill a little easier. Having a solid bivi program just might make an unplanned night out…comfortable.-

-What other skills do you train on?