I know…I know…it’s early. While there isn’t enough snow to safely ski you might want to know what is under your feet when it comes time to make a few turns.

Currently the snowpack on north facing terrain consists of a weak basal structure. Well developed facets at the base of the snowpack are capped by a 1 cm melt freeze crust that is not very supportable. This is overlaid by the new snow we received on the evening of Oct 13 and the morning of the 14th. There is a total of 45 cm (18in) at this site just off the summit of Mount Glory at 9,967′ on a NE aspect.

On southerly aspects the new snow from the Oct 13/14 storm has fallen on bare ground.

It will be valuable to take note of how much of snow persists after this weeks forecasted sunny Fall weather before the next storm. Its probably a sure bet that the snow on the northerly aspects will persist. With high pressure and a strong diurnal cycle forecasted it should be prime facet making weather this week. Whether or not these basal layer will be problematic is yet to be seen. Time will only tell…stay tuned!