A Lightweight Approach to Risk Management in the Backcountry

1st Aid – Communications – Bivouac

Scene Size-Up / Communications

4 pairs of nitrile gloves

2 VioNex Antiseptic Towelette

1 InReach Satellite Communicator


Airway Management

1 Full Size CPR Mask

4 Adult sizes of OPA’s



Bleeding Control, Splinting and Bandaging Material

1 ABD Pad

1 Feminine Napkin

1 4”x4.1 yds. Conforming Stretch Roller Gauze

1 2” x 4 yd. Ace Bandage

1 3” x 2.2 yds. Sensi-Wrap

1 Quart Zip Lock Bag


Circulation, Shock Management, Shelter & Patient Packaging

4 x 81 mg. Children’s Chewable Aspirin

3 pairs of Hand Warmers

1 8’ x 10’ Ultra Light Guide Tarp


Additional Supplies



Tinder Quick Fire Starter


Space Blanket

Safety Pin

2 Gu Packets

8 Ibuprofen


Additional Items I carry on every trip:

1 Pair of Collapsible Ski Poles



4 Ski Straps

Cell Phone

Phone Charger